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Menomena - Friend and Foe
Oregon's experimental trio, Menomena, are back again with their newest release, "Friend and Foe". With a sound similar to Animal Collective and The Books, Menomena provides an extremely unique sound with the inclusion of emotional vocals and unusual instrumentation.
What I find truly remarkable about the new Menomena release is how the group, although directly portrayed as a pop group, easily borders a darker and sadder sound while still illustrating an uplifting message through the music. Although the instrumentals are mainly major keyed and uniquely crafted with unusual instrumentation such as the glockenspiel and saxophone, the vocals are what brings a darker message to the table. With heartbreaking lyrics such as "Cover your ears, cover your eyes, cover your mouths. Silence, blindness, tasteless, violence", a darker message is portrayed through the vocals. Along with this, the vocal melodies themselves are often hushed and frightened, as if the overall picture the group is trying t
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Review: Hella - '...666...'
Math rock and progressive supremes Hella are back at it again with their latest release, "There's No 666 in Outer Space", which was released January 30th. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hella, they are a group from Sacramento, California consisting of two main members: Zach Hill on drums and Spencer Seim on guitar. Their lineup has changed over their nearly 6 year life span. On "…666…", Hella features the talents of Aaron Ross on vocals, Josh Hill on rhythm guitar, and Carson McWhirter on bass guitar. With intense and speedy drumming, along with unusual, "nintendo-esque", guitarmanship, Hella has developed an extremely unique sound with influences dating back to early Primus and a number of jam bands.
There's no real way to describe the feeling the listener receives when listening to Hella. It's an extremely acquired taste, for one thing. What some may find beautiful and genius, others may find noise and garbage. For this reason alone, "There's No 666 in Outer Space" should b
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Justin Freed. by MaxwellAlper Justin Freed. :iconmaxwellalper:MaxwellAlper 0 3
Words of the Agarthan Pt. 3
I was found staring
down the throat of a concrete
mine shaft.
The scent of dynasty filled the air,
my knees... weak like the blades of
grass I once found so hard to miss.
I walked.
I walked as an unconditional ripple in
this youthful pond of concrete.
My eyes and ears were attent, but I couldn't
hear no see anything at all.
I don't want this anymore.
What remains is not yours to have.
An exit from the place you call home.
The path is chosen.
Light bewildered the senses at dawn.
Dawn, more beautiful than any
face, painting, or song.
Songs of the land weeped the chimes
of God.
God, god doesn't know of this place.
No one does.
No one shall.
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Words of the Agarthan Pt. 2
And I couldn't help but find this entire
damn place unbelievably familiar.
The colors scraping the vanishing points of
the distant sky, so gorgeous.
The black lit writing on the wall, so sad.
The people I met, so quiet.
I stared back into his glazed dark eyes and
demanded to know.
His lips moved and no sound projected.
Nothing was ever heard here.
All that is created here is our warm breath,
destroying the cold by contrast.
I don't like this anymore.
Everyone is the same.
The same clothes.
The same hair.
The same skin.
Uniform by physical state, but
no communicative skill, like
our vocal chords have been taken away
as punishment for all we've done.
I turned to find an exit.
This haunting atmosphere.
I saw her again.
I an unusually low tone, she whispered
my name.
She whispered the ways of this world.
Individuals are visually portrayed
to look beyond.
The roar of the mountainous land grew
louder each minute.
The only sound we heard that night.
The only sou
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Words of the Agarthan Pt. 1
We traveled in pacts, like
animals scrounging for prey.
With little morale or reasoning,
you took our fragile minds and made
a game out of what was once a great
No more need.
No more feeling.
No further comment.
The cold penetrated our hands like glass
to the soft flesh of a beautiful woman's
Waves and intervals of madness swept
the air and begged us to leave belongings
by the front door.
Where we were going, possession was
nonexistent, a factor that was paid no mind.
Down further we went, the spiral staircase
of infinite cold.
All concern I had for her suddenly evaporated
like the sweat on my forehead in dry ice.
I knew this place was different, odd.
What a great aura sensationalized my eyes
that night!
Make yourself at home, smell the air.
Are you fond of what it once was?
As we thought.
There won't be anything like that anymore.
:iconmaxwellalper:MaxwellAlper 1 1
And tomorrow, I will feel it again.
Knowing of reliance and her motives,
how they seal all reluctance and needs.
Let's all fall asleep on the frozen lawn,
and think about what we've done.
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Say what you want
to let the time pass,
forget our own faults.
Take them to our happy place,
it feels so nice,
deep within stone vaults.
Take the car to Exeter, and watch the shield fog.
You saw it coming didn't you, you knew it all along.
The doc came in, took a seat,
he told me things didn't look good.
He held the man in a bag,
opened wide,
fell to the floor.
I packed up
all of my things,
and left.
Who's to blame,
for all we didn't say?
Drive the car off the road,
and sing an angry song.
You saw it coming didn't you,
you knew it all along?
Pick up the pieces,
make your move,
take your turn.
We clapped and applauded you,
this is what you've earned.
I threw my hands up on the fall,
and fell into my father's arms.
We took a long look at him
moved our feet,
and left him behind.
We left him behind.
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music and laughter
The hum attracted people of all sizes to come and listen.
The valley layed strong as the construction of a large din surprised the peaks.
Every landmark bowed to the ground as the deer hide strummed the tight metal,
which blew a dramatic weap upon the people of háls in öxnadalur.
I found myself awake on the side of a mountain made of grass and stone,
gripping her hand and enjoying the atmosphere and noises heard below.
And with that, I found home again.
In unison the tumult swayed and sang of old journeys past.
Laughing, watching the sun set onto the oceans flesh once again.
And as the hide ripped, we took that as our indication that all things good must
come to an end.
We took all we had along with us.
The light dimmed.
The major turned minor,
and walked away.
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midnight penetrates the square
The night fell onto the river
like boulders into the clouds.
There was an empty
bench under the moonlight,
so cold it breathed a dark grey of warmth.
She and I took a seat,
and as the copper hit the water
and wishes were made,
we kissed under the moonlight.
For ourselves.
For beginnings.
For tonight.
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Alive On The Stage by MaxwellAlper Alive On The Stage :iconmaxwellalper:MaxwellAlper 0 1
Amphitheater Tragedy
Hush the crowd.
The next act is about to begin.
And oh! Look at them now,
Mr. and Mrs. Trahir, back from
their honeymoon in the wrong
environment. That's where she
sleeps around as he tirelessly does
absoloutly nothing.
Did you have yourself a grand ol' time
while you were out?
We were, of course, just mending
torn subjects as usual, but you just
had to run along and interrupt.
But the lights are dimmed, so it's too
late to cancel the show, and the board
is letting it slide.
The men in tuxedos chuckle and the ladies
in velvet hats are getting a kick.
"Why don't you eat something, sweety? That
sure was exhausting."
"No dearest, I musn't. I'm going to receive
nourishment from the sun."
A wave of laughter overwhelmed my eardrums.
"You're your own worst enemy, I warned you."
"I have to get out of here. Not tonight, not now."
The houselights flickered, and the scene reformed to
a tragic sienna sunset.
I felt the happiness and acceptance die.
And all that is left now is one person conversati
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Untitled Haikus
Sheets of gloss entranced the Moon.
Coincidence and the Stage.
Cold light.
Stains float downward in the Fire.
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Dream of My Daughter
The field was large.
The young men in blue uniforms
told us to leave, but we didn't care.
The soundtrack played above the trees,
above our minds, and it was so
beautiful you could cry.
Little Siobahn and I rolled giant spheres down
the hills on their backs. We could feel the joy
rushing through our veins and pulsating
in our necks like little diseases.
As the circles flopped over,
we couldn't stop laughing.
And like the magic we felt flowing
through our fingertips,
we were
on our backs.
Oblivious to the sorrow placed behind us.
And I'll never forget this one.
I'll never forget it.
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untitled 4
stains float downward in the fire.
:iconmaxwellalper:MaxwellAlper 0 2
untitled 3
coincidence and the stage.
cold light.
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